Ralph Roddenbery Band

The Ralph Roddenbery Band is a dynamic blend of Americana, roots rock, and a twist of the blues. By combining four part harmonies with energizing riffs, captivating lyrics, remarkable stage presence and a driving rhythm section, RRB is able to connect with their audience in a way that makes them feel as if they are having a one on one conversation about life. In a review from the Charleston City Paper, Michael Andrews stated that Ralph Roddenbery has an “undeniable knack for tapping into the emotional undercurrent of his songs, many of which are just as likely to make you laugh as they are to cause moistening of the lids all within the same four minutes.”

The Ralph Roddenbery Band consists of Ralph Roddenbery (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Ted Norton (lead guitar/vocals), Richie Jones (drums/vocals), Tommy Jones (bass) and Samantha Alessi-Jones (vocals). Ralph Roddenbery is a unique and impressionable singer/songwriter who has been part of the Athens and Atlanta music scene for many years. He honed his songwriting & performance skills under the tutelage of Bill Berry (R.E.M), John Keane, Randall Bramblett, Davis Causey and Dave Schools (Widespread Panic) while he was living in Athens. RRB’s lead guitarist, Ted Norton, spent the nineties touring with The Grapes and has a sound that has been compared to the likes of David Gilmore and Jerry Garcia. Tommy Jones gives RRB its smooth bite with his 5 string Modulus bass and Richie Jones uses a powerful and dynamic rhythmic approach to his drumming. The voice of Samantha Alessi-Jones is reminiscent of Emmy Lou Harris and Kate Wolf, yet she has her own unique sound.

RRB primarily tours in the Southeast U.S. playing major clubs, theatres, festivals, and private events. As of late, RRB played at Suwannee Springfest, Magnolia Festival and The Variety Playhouse, and has shared the stage with Larry Keel, Joe Craven, Donna Hopkins, Tishamingo and David Blackman. Ralph has also played at the Riverbend Festival, Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, BraggJam, Harvestfest and recently was on stage with Papi Mali and the Big Ol Nasty Getdown featuring George Clinton.

Ralph Roddenbery currently has four releases: Fix Myself, Live at Tree Sound Studios, Let It In - Live and the newest album, "For So Long” which was released in December 2008. The album was recorded at Bakos Amps Works in Atlanta and mastered by Rodney Mills Masterhouse.

Side Affects

The Side Affects is a collaboration of songwriting between Ralph Roddenbery, Scott Mecredy, and Michael Hurwitz.  Their story begins like this:

The aftermath of a typical gig in Macon. Bottles on their sides, hotel room torn asunder; musicians playing for themselves til the sun comes up. Art, music, inspiration sparking. Fingers to strings. Pens to paper. Sunrise. Three musicians in Macon at sunrise. What do they do? They make the pilgrimage. They drive to Rose Hill Cemetery to see Duane and Barry. Then, they went one step further. They went to see Elizabeth Reed - the namesake of one of Southern rock the hill. Turns out Elizabeth had a daughter, Maud Napier, who was buried next to Elizabeth along with Maud's infant.  That's where our cd began its journey.  From "Maud Only Knows", the music steps out between two large stones where one small, but resilient flower was blooming and takes you through some of life's most important feelings.  The love of a woman, the question of life's existence, a hilarious recounting of running out of gas just an hour away from the destination, remembering the people that are giving their lives for our freedom, to using cliches in long sentences that actually make sense.

From Dictionary.com:
affect [v.
-verb (used with object) - to impress the mind or move the feelings of:
affected him deeply
1. influence, sway; modify, alter. 2. touch, stir.