Ralph Roddenbery Band For So Long Independent Release Former Athens, now Atlanta singer/songwriter Ralph Roddenbery isn’t a paid motivational speaker, but he very well could be. Roddenbery’s songs often focus on the perseverance of life’s scrappers and underdogs, which bring to life much of his self-titled band’s new release, For So Long. Former Grapes guitarist Ted Norton, drummer Richie Jones, bassist Tommy Jones and additional vocalist Samantha Alessi-Jones join Roddenbery here. The filled-out group brings a more up-tempo and rocking sound than was heard on the intimate, mostly acoustic release Live from Tree’s Sound Studios. Some songs are longtime concert staples, while others arrive fresh from the looseleaf. Throughout, the group keeps the show rolling with a sharp blend of roots and jam rock, blues, Americana and country inflections. One of Roddenbery’s greatest strengths as a lyricist and singer is that although he often comes across as sentimental or unshakably positive, he never sounds schmaltzy, preachy or trite. On a revamped “Fix Myself,” Roddenbery, in his raspy country tone, suggests he’s trying to do better, trying “to fix myself, but it’s getting pretty hard to find the parts.“ The country-flavored “HDL Walken” documents the many hard-earned “hundred dollar lessons” that inspired the song, while “Paper Doll in a Forest Fire” is a driving, love-damaged ballad that many of modern rock’s emotive crooners couldn’t touch.  For So Long may reflect a bit more polished version of the Roddenbery Band than most are used to hearing in joints around Athens and Atlanta. But, it’s still a solid and diverse representation of they way they work live onstage, the forum in which Ralph and the gang shine brightest. The album, which finally captures some of Roddenbery’s strongest and most requested tunes on tape, is a perfect take-along for roadtrips or short drives around the immediate outdoor universe. Michael Andrews  ” - Michael Andrews

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HTN Review of "For So Long When you need a spiritual lift, turn to For So Long, the new release from Ralph Roddenbery Band. With its hauntingly poetic and evocative lyrics and its mesmerizing melodies, the album's 13 tracks revitalize the heart and lighten the load, even as it rocks mightily through Americana. The pace is set with the opening track - "She Gets There, " a high-velocity vehicle for some shimmering Hammond organ and for Roddenbery's quick-lick, energized electric guitar. The tempo slows with the intense "Get Up Off Your Hands" and '"Paper Doll in a Forest Fire," which stir up emotions and capture the essence of life, love and resilience. The country-rock track "HDL Walkin" picks up the pace, prompts profound memories and forces the listener to smile about the circumstances that have made us who we are. The title song features beguiling percussion and some amazing harmonies, while "Life" and "Fix Me" encourage us to accept life as it is and to build the present from the past. With its two-step beat, "Sir Williams Garden" paints a vivid picure of love and heartbreak, expressing the gamut of human emotion. Mandolin, violin and capitvating vocals from Samantha Alessi-Jones make the bonus track, "Your Love is the Kind" a liberating experience. Ralph Roddenbery is an emerging talent, and For So Long is truly good for the soul. ” - Emily Parks

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Upbeat, positive, and downright danceable, Ralph Roddenbery’s latest release, For So Long, is a dream come true for a jam fan searching for depth. The message of love permeates the album and emerges in each of the 14 tracks like rays of sunlight appearing over a ridge; this message is a staple to Ralph’s loyal fan base which turns out in festive droves to his live shows. It is also a testament both to Ralph’s songwriting abilities and the grand production work of bandmates Richie Jones and Ted Norton of capturing that amiable vibe in a studio setting. Formerly of Atlanta jam scene staples The Grapes, guitarist Norton seems to have found his new groove shoes in the subtle accents and bold interplay to Ralph’s thoughtful lyrics. Never overstepping his musical accompaniment in a song, Norton’s guitar is just one element that makes the Ralph Roddenbery Band a true collective effort. Add the dependable rhythm section of Tommy and Richie Jones, and such guest musicians as violinist Zebulon Bowles and John Marsh on the swirling Hammond organ, and the “Band” soon becomes “Family.” With a vocal delivery comparable to Cat Stevens, should he have ever walked barefoot through kudzu, Roddenbery’s projection on “Get Up Off Your Hands“ gives the listener a musical pat on the back. The number is a strong candidate for album standout, but “Take the Time” very well may take this top honor. Bringing Samantha Alessi-Jones to the forefront for the duet gives the listener a reflective perspective before bringing out another groove laced number to keep those feet busy. For So Long is out now on Ralph Roddenbery Music.  ” - David Higdon

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If there is one phrase that is overused in rock ‘n’ roll to describe a new talent, it’s “The New Bob Dylan.” It is a meaningless phrase, as there can never be a new Dylan. But if I were to use it, the only artist I would consider describing as such would be Ralph Roddenbery. Hailing originally from Athens, Ga., and now living just outside Atlanta, Roddenbery is one of the most amazing songwriters I have come across in my lifetime. He truly has a gift, an amazing ability to put into words thoughts and feelings to which practically anyone can relate. His creativity is boundless and all-encompassing. I have seen him write a meaningful song on the spot given three seemingly unrelated words with which to work. In addition to his endless creativity, Roddenbery is a fiery and imaginative performer. His shows are intimate, even in a large arena setting, energetic, even when the crowd seems apathetic (which they never are for very long), and guaranteed to leave you with a positive feeling. Roddenbery has previously released two great live albums, and now a long-awaited and highly anticipated studio album titled “For So Long” is available through his Web site, ralphroddenbery.com. The album boasts some of the finest players in the region, including former Grapes guitarist Ted Norton, the great Tommy Jones on bass, drummer extraordinaire Richie Jones and his wife, Samantha Alessi-Jones lending her lovely voice to the mix. In addition, special guests Zebulon Bowles (who since recording has become a full-fledged member of the band) brings his violin prowess to several tracks, and members of Stop Drop and Roll and Deep Blue Sun also make guest appearances. “For So Long” is an epic album that simply does not have a bad song on it. In one fashion or another, you’ll be able to relate to every song in your own way. The Ralph Roddenbery Band plays often in the Atlanta area, and I urge you to road-trip over there one weekend to see him and purchase his album. Hear Wildman Steve’s Internet radio station, Internet radio for music lovers 24/7, at wildmansteve.com.  ” - Wildman Steve

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