"Some of Ralph Roddenbery's friends might argue that he's a tough nut to crack, while others shorten their opinion to just "a nut." Either way, the Georgia singer/songwriter has an undeniable knack for tapping into the emotional undercurrent of his songs, many of which are just as likely to make you laugh, as they are to cause moistening of the 'lids, all within the same four minutes." Michael Andrews

Ralph Roddenbery writes from the heart about matters of the world.. From being lost in Boocoo Disarray to Pushin' on a Pull Door, Ralph Roddenbery shares his world through music and capitivating lyrics.

Ralph has a NEW album coming out in October 2014 called "Place to Land", but you can still find "Between the Stones", Ralph's Americana/Folk album with the Side Affects and Ralph Roddenbery Band's "For So Long" on Itunes & CDBaby.com.. 

Ralph is still teaching beginning guitar lessons and songwriting lessons for adults and kids at Music on Main Street (MOMS) in Lilburn, GA.  Stop by and say Hi! www.musiconmainstreetlilburn.com


SideAffects: Between the Stones


Ralph Roddenbery Band: For So Long